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New Poster designs coming to H&H this Spring

Following the success of our Southwell themed and Personalised Map posters, we have been working to create some new designs for this Spring.

At H&H Homeware, we are excited to unveil our three new poster designs, each designed and created by Sophie. With a background in architecture and design, Sophie's creations marry the local landscapes and history with muted hues and simplicity, helping to create timeless pieces that sit perfectly in any home.

1. Nottinghamshire Map:

Our first design depicts the storied landscape of Nottinghamshire and the UK. The map charts the UK's contours and road networks as well as highlighting the region. Soft shades of brown, green and dusky blue give the design a sense of simplicity and elegance.

2. Personalized Coordinates:

We are pleased to be introducing another personalisation style poster using bespoke house or place coordinates. Ideal for commemorating cherished memories or marking significant milestones with an added date. Whether it's the coordinates of a childhood home, a favourite vacation spot, or your current home, town or city. These custom creations make a great gift for loved. Don't hesitate to get in touch should you have any questions. We can send you a proof design and have it ready between 7-10 days.

3. Home of the Bramley:

Rounding out the trio is our reinterpretation of our best selling Bramley Apple poster. Paying homage to Southwell's world renowned Bramley Apple, we have reimagined the design to include a Bramley Apple pattern. The poster adds a sense of rustic charm and character, this piece is sure to bring a pop of colour to your space.

As the spring sunshine begins to emerge, adorn your space with one of our unique poster designs. We will continue to work on more thoughtful community and geographical based designs throughout the year.

For an additional £15, all posters can be framed using a black modern frame. Please select the option when adding the item to your cart or let us know in store!

Thank you to everyone's continued support.

Best wishes,

Fiona & Sophie

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